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Happy New Year 2021 !

Happy New Year to all of you ! This year, we would like to make a special mention to all the researchers worldwide who keep on work...


Happy 30 Years ViewPoint !

Today we are celebrating 30 beautiful years working for the human and planet well-being, in a spirit of commitment, benevolence and so...


PPI Assays in Zebrafish

Don't miss this ! Pharmacological Validation of the Prepulse Inhibition of Startle Response in Larval Zebrafish using a Commercial Aut...


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Webinar - Zebrafish behavior

In times of unprecedented changes during this pandemic situation, we understand that our science and education communities are experiencing great disruption.After several monts of containment, you have been so many trying to get information about our equipments. Zebrafish webinar save the date. - A special overview of our Zebrafish equipments by our engineer team, - Several scientifics experts will expose their work and knowledge Date | will soon be released Time | 1 pm EST Don't forget to register you at the online event copy that Fill in the form, and you will receive a link to the webinar. Message: Webinar