Who are we ?

Who are we ?


We’re engineers, scientists, developpers, sales managers, designers, technicians, purchasers, administratives … and all dedicated to our mission : help the researchers working on health, food and water issues !


 Didier Neuzeret, CEO. Working at Viewpoint since its creation in 1990.

Aware that human beings are the force of a company, he has privileged the loyalty of its employees and today’s average of seniority at Viewpoint is around 12 years. This is how you can long keep the same contacts at Viewpoint and keep the trust you have in us.


 Our Sales Team


 Antoine BARBOT, European Project Manager in charge of sales in Europe joined the team in January 2017 and is fully dedicated to his customers in Europe, Africa and Middle East countries.

 Elliott NEUZERET, Junior Sales Consultant Europe. Elliott started at Viewpoint as part of an apprenticeship in September 2017 and is now fully operational and dedicated to sales through Europe, Africa and Middle East .

 Eric BATUT, Project Manager North and South America. Eric started to work in our french office in September 2011 and decided to join the North American team in July 2017. Eric is in charge of the sales in North and South America.

 Pierre-André FEL, North American Branch Managerarrived in September 2012. He is also in charge of technical support and sales. French native, Pierre-Andre decided to stay in Montreal after an apprenticeship at Viewpoint Canada.

 Amber Qiao, Sales Consultant at our office in China, she’s in charge of the sales in Asian countries.

 Tianfu Zhang, Sales and Technician consultant in Shanghai at our Chinese Branch.


Alexandre DECAMPS, Ecotoxicology Product Manager for ToxMate, he is our specialist for water ! As the product manager for ToxMate, he works for Viewpoint since 2014. His scientific background at INRAE (ex Irstea) makes him the contact person for all your technical and ecotoxicological questions about ToxMate.


And those you almost never see, but without whom the company wouldn’t exist !

They are our developpers, technicians, purchasers, marketing, human ressources, administratives etc …

They are Anthony, Chris, Dan, Maxime, Nickolas, Kassandra, Clément, Florian, Milly, Sandrine, Véronique etc ...


What makes us a solid team 

 We are a team that believes great works begins with great people. We believe in Viewpoint, we believe in research for health, food and water.

 One of our main goal is the customer’s satisfaction, therefore we all give our best to achieve a top quality job, to produce top quality products, to have happy customers ...


Viewpoint, a future with better health, food for everyone and an eco-friendly environment