Sleep Deprivation for rodents

Total or partial

Sleep Deprivation System : thanks to this system, an electrical pulse is applied to an electromagnet placed under the platform that pushes it up and wakes rodents up. This simple set-up can be used to work on partial or total sleep deprivation.

 Sleep dep


2 solutions provided for the deprivation system :

  • Basic sleep deprivation
    You set your parameters to generate movement of the platform and wake the animal up with different patterns of movement (ie every 30 sec).
  • If you are recording EEG and have the possibility to automatically classify sleep states, our system can be connected to EEG analysis to move the platform depending on the sleeping state.
  •  Dimensions : Height : 46 cm - Width : 30 cm - Weight : 5 Kg



This system has been developed by CNRS UMR