Platform ZEBRASENS inauguration, unique in Europe

Published: 10-13-2017 In Actualité


Equipped with VIEWPOINT systems on Zebrafish, this platform ZebraSens offers to regroup on the same site and near the zebrafish facility of the University of Montpellier, advanced equipments allowing the analysis of the vision, the hearing and the behavior locomotor of the zebrafish. The vision will be evaluated by the Visiobox, enabling to measure the OKR response (OptoKinetic Response test). This test evaluates the visual acuity of zebrafish in a stress-free and automated environment. This test is carried out in a Visiobox. The visual acuity measured by OKR involves the eye movement of the fish. This movement is generated by the movement of white and black lines at regular intervals and highly contrasted. It is possible to reduce the size or contrast of black bands to increase difficulty and accurately assess the visual acuity of a wild or mutant fish. It is possible to measure the visual acuity of 8 fish at the same time. The hearing will be analyzed with the Zebrabox Fast with a vibratory module. This Zebrabox Fast is able to measure the curvature that fish makes following a sound stimulation of frequency and intensity chosen. This curvature is characteristic of the avoidance behavior of a predator and provides information on the auditory acuity of the fish. Finally, locomotor behavior will be studied with the classic Zebrabox. In this test, the fish are left in their aquarium and are videotracked. It is thus possible to determine the distance traveled, the position, the stop and activity phases of each fish. All these equipments worth € 100k represent a functional sensorimotor exploration platform unique in France. This platform will allow the development of new approaches both for high-throughput screening of molecules of therapeutic interest in preclinical models and for the analysis of genes (and their variants) responsible for retinal pathologies and more generally for the genes involved in neurosensory pathologies.