Circular InfraRed Light 1500 mm

All our mazes are made to be transparent to this specific light

Our Infrared light floor will help you to overcome any light condition in your laboratory. That does not bother animal.

Use it for big maze as :

VideoTrack can analyze many deep complex behaviors in any light condition, for any type of animals with this technology.

Main Features :

  • Infrared Lighting system 1500 mm
  • Long Life span Infrared LED
  • Heat free, no invasive lighting 
  • Ever white floor or ever black floor

We also provide squared Infrared floors of 250mm, 500mm and 1000mm that can be used for many rodent applications in mazes (Open Field, Elevated Plus maze, Y-maze, Zero Maze …) and can be customized on demand for larger animals or maze (Primates, Dogs...).IR circular