SideView Microplate

SideView Microplate

PSI SideView microplate: an in vivo imaging of biological phenomenon in zebrafish


The zebrafish, Danio rerio, has become widely accepted as a useful model for vertebrate development. Currently, zebrafish models are being developed for use in high-throughput drug discovery and toxicology assays. Adoption of these models has been slowed by the challenge of obtaining clear images of zebrafish larvae.

The PSI SideView™ microplate was developed to address the challenges inherent in zebrafish larval imaging. Many of the organs that are of interest are best viewed from the side of the animal. Once the swim bladder inflates the larvae generally float upright making it difficult to generate a clear image of the side of the animal.

The PSI SideView™ microplate incorporates right-angle turning prisms aligned with rectangular wells that enable visualization of the sides of the animals. SideView is adaptable to standard image analysis systems that are already in use in drug discovery laboratories and enables collection of quality images in seconds per well.

Potential Applications

  • Embryonic/larval imaging Zebrafish, Medaka, Xenopus
  • Drug discovery : Cardiovascular disease, Lipid biosynthesis, Neuronal development/disease, Temporal studies
  • Zebrafish viable in wells for up to 8 days
  • Early stage toxicology studies