Zebrafish three-dimensional tracking system


Developmental Hazard of Environmentally Persistent Free...

Developmental Hazard of Environmentally Persistent Free Radicals and Protective Effect of TEMPOL in Zebrafish Model


A novel method for automated tracking and quantification...

Highlights Custom-made economic imaging setup for distraction-free behavioural recording. ImageJ based algorithm for fast and automated tracking of Zebrafish without plugins. Mathematical workflow for extraction of behavioural endpoints. New representation for spatio-temporal nature of choice-based behaviours.


TBBPA exposure during a sensitive developmental window p...

8–48 hpf is the sensitive exposure window for neurodevelopmental and behavioral toxicities of TBBPA. TBBPA induced apoptotic cell death and affected motor neuron and muscle fiber development. Zebrafish embryos rapidly absorbed and accumulated TBBPA, and eliminated it quickly. • TBBPA induced ugt genes expression, which increased T4 metabolism and subsequently induced neurobehavior defects.


TBBPA chronic exposure produces sex-specific neurobehavi...

Low dose TBBPA chronic exposure reduced zebrafish body weight and length. TBBPA exposure induced adult zebrafish hyperactivity with magnitude bigger in males than in females. Low dose TBBPA exposure induced male zebrafish heightened aggression using mirror attack test.