ZebraTower : Adult Zebrafish monitoring

ZebraTower : Adult Zebrafish monitoring

Do you struggle to collect data in real time to  measure multiple  adult  zebrafish behavior?  Understanding locomotor  behavior of zebrafish can be complex due to difficulties of calibration and limitations faced with 2D dimension capture.

Tracking of zebrafish locomotor performance should integrate a 3D video tracking capture in order to capture the whole behavioral endpoints. Combining ZebraTower with ZebraLab 3D GrandView software you are ensured to capture the subject locomotion in multiple directions in its finest details.

ViewPoint adult fish monitoring solution: ZebraTower allows you to obtain precise and reusable data whether you are working on zebrafish 3D tracking, sizing assay of zebrafish  or any other aquatic species.




Get quality data from any adult zebrafish research


This means proper visualization of adult zebrafish:

  • position and trajector                         
  • time spent in 2D Areas of the zebrafish tank
  • entry count in each areas of interest     
  • counting for each speed class speed class
  • time duration in each speed class         
  • distance swum by the animal within different speed clas
  • transition count 

Zebrafish protocols:

Many operant  zebrafish protocols may be set from the ZebraLab software. : general activity assessment but also locomotion, shoaling, social contact, vibration stimuli, sizing. The water tank infrared board allows a perfect detection of the different subjects including: danio rerio, fathead minnow, mexican cavefish, killfish, cichlids etc.

Place any water tank size and on the 50Cm² Infra square. It does not matter the shape it is,  as long as  its bottom is transparent or IR light translucent.  The system comes with a high quality ethernet camera and a dedicated lens  working with IR light . Several options are available depending on the animal models /organisms you work with and  output you want to reach.Sometime tiniest events require greatest compromise between resolution and FPS.  Do you have anything in mind ? 


Check out our latest papers:

  • Jian Han, Kechun Liu, Rongchun Wang, Yun Zhang, Bingsheng Zhou,Exposure to cadmium causes inhibition of otolith development and behavioral impairment in zebrafish larvae,Aquatic Toxicology,Volume 214,2019,105236,

Please note that our ZebraTower is really versatile, as you can play with other types of animals such ground species (ants,etc.) and airborne species (flies, bees)

  • Conroy, T.E., Holman, L. Social immunity in the honey bee: do immune-challenged workers enter enforced or self-imposed exile?. Behav Ecol Sociobiol 76, 32 (2022).


Alternative solutions: 

Detecting adult zebrafish movement can be challenging in an open environment  such as ZebraTower, particularly when performing tests requiring a light and sound proof environment in order to avoid stress and any bias in the measure of zebrafish locomotion. 

We solve these problems with our ZebraCube solution.Indeed it is based on a closed chamber where a white light is set allowing it to work along circadian  rhythm or to trigger light sequences.