Lobetyolin Efficiently Promotes Angiogenesis and Neuronal Development in Transgenic Zebrafish

Studies have shown that lobetyolin (LBT), a component of traditional Chinese herbal medicine, has many very good biological activities and functions. However, its side effects and toxicities have not been evaluated adequately. In this work, we investigated the effects of LBT in transgenic zebrafish. LBT treatments promoted angiogenesis and led to vascular morphological malformation in zebrafish embryos, although they were normal in appearance. Interestingly, our results indicated that LBT has a function of promoting nerve growth in the embryonic stage of zebrafish. We also treated the zebrafish with combretastatin A-4 (which resulted in neuronal apoptosis) and LBT simultaneously and found that LBT promoted nerve growth at higher concentrations. Taken together, our findings clearly display that LBT efficiently promotes angiogenesis, leading to vascular morphological malformation, has low toxicity, and notably promotes neuronal development in zebrafish.


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