Cannabis prescription : Viewpoint is also involved in research on cannabinoid ...

Published: 10-13-2017 In Actualité


Seen on ARTE, french TV : research on cannabis using our Videotrack system ... In the process of legalization, notably for its therapeutic virtues, cannabis is making a strong comeback on the medical scene. Investigation of this new Eldorado. Cannabis is experiencing an astonishing rise in the medical world. Multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Crohn's disease, chronic pain, brain cancer ...: the list of diseases that could heal is lengthening. But what about the virtues that are given to him? Used since ancient times for its psychoactive and therapeutic effects, cannabis was outlawed in the twentieth century, when its use was considered a gateway to harder drugs. Today, however, more than thirty countries allow medical use, and the science of cannabis is undergoing a revival. Apart from its curative qualities for certain pathologies, it would also decrease the side effects of chemotherapy or triple therapy. According to recent scientific research, the potential of the molecules produced by this plant would be even colossal. Medical upheaval Some see it as a new therapeutic eldorado - and a new economic boom - when others fear the increased use of drugs that may derive from it. Between fantasies of a substance capable of any real cure and research, between hopes for patients in pain and reluctance of States, the promises of cannabis may soon revolutionize medicine. Complete TV report on