Behavioral Responses of Javanese Medaka (Oryzias Javanicus) Versus Zebrash (Danio Rerio) in Open Field Test.



Locomotion is integral for animal survivability. However, the understandings of locomotor that lead to exhibition of multiple complex behaviors of sh models in response to an open eld environment still remain unresolved. To determine whether two different sh models, Javanese medaka and zebrash have similar baseline locomotor activity in open eld paradigm, an open eld test was used.


Results showed that Javanese medaka exhibit increased in exploratory activity with lower anxiety responses; exhibit a steady habituation response in OFT paradigm and vice versa in zebrash. Medaka also took longer duration to establish home-base in comparison to the zebrash. Although no other motor responses were observed, both sh species displayed strong preference of left eye used to assess the OFT tank.


Medaka exhibits slower locomotors activity, lower anxiety responses and steadily maintains its locomotion once they reached habituation. In comparison, zebrash demonstrated bolder behavioral phenotypes where they showed faster locomotors activity, higher anxiety responses with similar habituation response to the Javanese medaka. Thus, this present study revealed that two different teleost aquatic model organisms, Javanese medaka and zebrash have different behavioral phenotypes in open eld test