Developmental neurotoxicity fingerprint of silica nanoparticles at environmentally relevant level on larval zebrafish using a neurobehavioral-phenomics-based biological warning method



• Silica NPs at environmental level induced the negligible embryonic teratogenicity.
• Silica NPs at environmental level altered behavioral profiles determined by NBP.
• NBP are more sensitive and effective than FET to determine sub-teratogenic toxicity.



Larval zebrafish (Danio rerio) is not only an ideal vertebrate applied in Fish Embryos Toxicity (FET) test but also a well-accepted model in behavioral neurotoxicity research. By applying the commercial standard behavioral tracking system (Zebrabox), the locomotion profiles (neurobehavioral-phenomics) of larval zebrafish can be comprehensively monitored and systematically analyzed to probe ecotoxicological neurotoxicity of nano-pollutants at environmental relevant concentration level.


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