Sleep Deprivation

Total or partial

Sleep Deprivation System : thanks to this system, an electrical pulse is applied to an electromagnet placed under the platform that pushes it up and wakes rodents up. This simple set-up can be used to work on partial or total sleep deprivation.

Sleep dep

2 solutions provided for the deprivation system :

  • Basic sleep deprivation
    You set your parameters to generate movement of the platform and wake the animal up with different patterns of movement (ie every 30 sec).
  • If you are recording EEG and have the possibility to automatically classify sleep states, our system can be connected to EEG analysis to move the platform depending on the sleeping state.
  • Dimensions : Height : 46 cm - Width : 30 cm - Weight : 5 Kg

This system has been developed by CNRS UMR

Moreover, you have the possibility to place your SleepDeprivation system in an isolating box. It allows you to control the environment around your experiment by choosing InfraRed or white light, isolating the ambient sound, and regulate the air streams. A camera is also set up in the isolating box in order to track the behavior and the activity states of the rodent. Therefore, you get more accurate results.

Isolating Box