Forced Swim Test

Porsolt test - Behavioral despair test

Rodents are placed in transparent beaker tank that is filled with water and their escape related mobility behavior is measured.

VideoTrack - FST software can easily automate this test but also the Tail Suspension Test TST. Ask for complete setup on request information.

Instead of tracking the animal position, this module analyses the global activity of the animal and classify it, into 3 types of movement :FST with back infrared light

  • Inactivity
  • Swimming
  • Bursting
  • It can also detect epochs with an intensive and uninterrupted burst
  • Activity levels are display
  • Special Add-on :

- Ask for an automatic pump to fulfill and empty beaker.

- Use Infrared light 500 mm to get the best detection to increase your accuracy level.

VideoTrack FST