Three-Chambered Sociability

Sociability Chamber or Social Novelty Test

The Three-Chambered Social test or Sociability Chamber is used to assess cognition, sociability and interest in social novelty in rodents models.

This test is occurring with 3 sessions :

- The first one with an empty box ; this is the period of habituation.

- The second step will determinate the time spent around the second rodent placed underwire cage. But also the time spent around the empty crawley.

- Finally, we will introduce a new congener under the second crawley and observe the time spent by the rodent in freely moving around its two congeners under crawleys.

ViewPoint Three-Chambered Social test is available for mice and rats. We can provide you the sociability chamber compatible with the infrared light floor.

We also provide a specific add-on thanks to our VideoTrack.