Multi-Species Behavior Monitoring Tool

The ToxmateLab is a brand new product developed by ViewPoint able to monitor multi-species' behavior in a specific environment. ToxmateLAB is dedicated to research in laboratories.

This apparatus has been designed to track and record behavioural outputs of small living organisms, in high throughput. As well as to analyze and measure the toxic properties and impact of a fluid on the behavior of small animals. Three powerful and precise cameras record continuously the activity of the animals in order to observe the tiniest and the most discreet behavior.

The ToxmateLab is versatile, giving researchers the possibility to analyze up to three different species per experiment simultaneously and independently in each panel. The fluid that flows in the ToxmateLAB can be anything, whether aqueous or gaseous. The fluid stream is homogeneous in the entire apparatus, allowing all the animals to be under the same experimental conditions.





Activity States

Every living organism sized from 0.3 cm can be analyzed by the ToxMate. Here are a couple of examples :

  • Aquatic :

- macroinvertebrates : Arthropods (Gammarus), Gastropods (Lymnea), Annelids (Oligochaeta), aquatic larvae's insects (Ephemera, Chironomidae)


- ichthyofauna : fry (Trout, Minnow), small fish (Zebrafish)

  • Terrestrial : Arachnid (Spiders), Annelid (Earthworms), Mollusca (Snails), Insects (Beetles)
  • Airborne : Honeybees, Mosquitoes, Drosophila

Thanks to the ToxMate, researchers are now able to realize long-term experimentations on multiple species in various domains and measure the impact of a substance on their locomotion or behavior and their response to it.

Application domains :

  • Ecotoxicology, entomology, ethology, environmental toxicology :

- Impact of substances on long-term behavior

- Toxicity kinetics

- Responses to a contaminant

  • Ecology :

- Genetic or environmental characteristic influences on a species

- Influence of host-parasite interactions

- Influence of temperature, conductivity, etc. on behavior

- Impact over several generations

The ToxmateLab is an easy-to-use turnkey system connected to the internet. Without the need of a computer directly linked to the apparatus, the data are recorded online and researchers have the opportunity to check them online on any computer. The data can also be stored on a hard drive disk or an USB key if the ToxMate is not connected. The analysis areas and all the settings are already set ; you obtain reliable results from your behavioral experiment of up to 3 different species at the same time

Our video-tracking technology has been combined with a compact and practical cubic cabinet (50 cm side). The system is composed of three different panels, lighted with InfraRed, each containing 16 animals ; offering up to 48 animals to be analyzed simultaneously in your lab.

Partner Laboratory : Department Evolutionary Ecology and Environmental Toxicology- Goethe University Frankfurt

 ToxmateLab Milestones of innovation:


ToxMate Lab - Toxicology Monitoring with Biomarkers

The ToxMate has been developed with the help of the French region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

*Laboratoire d'écotoxicologie, IRSTEA

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