ZebraBox for embryos or larvae


Zebrafish in toxicology and drug discovery

High-throughput studies are frequently used in toxicology and drug discovery.

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OMR for Larvae

observation and tracking of zebrafish larvea visual behavior in a freely moving environment. In a few steps, start monitoring the visual motor response inside Petry dish, 6 wells Microplate, or up to 10 corridors /alleys.

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Zebrabox - Vibration for auditory analysis

Our Zebrabox Vibration helps to understand how the Zebrafish ear and the brain process sound and control balance,and to determine the causes of diseases and disorders of these sensory systems.

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An introduction to high-throughput behavioral screening

With the development of high-throughput behavioral screening, a powerful tool to discover and develop pharmaceuticals, monitor for toxins, and screen for successful gene modifications has emerged. Unfortunately, caveats exist that limit the use of high throughput screening depending on the nature of the study and the model organism.

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Zebrafish Optogenetic & Optopharmacology : the 1st turnkey system

Zebrafish Optogenetic & Optopharmacology for larvae zebrafish

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