Happy 30 Years ViewPoint !

Published: 09-28-2020 In Actualité


Today we are celebrating 30 beautiful years working for the human and planet well-being, in a spirit of commitment, benevolence and solidarity.I almost want to say… already? 30 years of history, 30 years of a wonderful adventure which has allowed ViewPoint to strengthen its expertise in image processing and to offer this expertise to stakeholders working on the major challenges of the planet: health, food and water. These 30 years, I celebrate them today with the ViewPoint team whom I am proud of and I take this opportunity to reiterate the confidence I place in each member of the team and to thank them for the involvement and motivation that each brings to his position. A company is above all a Team : it is a work in close collaboration, a work of listening and sharing, and the contribution of each one is crucial to our good functioning. Thank you to all of you who make ViewPoint what it is today. Created in 1990, ViewPoint was a pioneer in the automation of locomotor tracking of rodents for researchers in Neuroscience, then from 2001, efforts were focused on the development of Zebralab, for analysis of behavior in zebrafish or other aquatic models. Over the years, developments have been diverse and all with the aim of meeting the needs of researchers, whether in Neuroscience, ecotoxicity, plant phenotyping and more recently in the field of water quality. ViewPoint has collaborated for 30 years with the largest research institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, UCL, Inserm, CNRS, INRAE etc .... ViewPoint has forged links with research teams around the world, and we thank them for the trust they continue to place in us. And of that too, we can be proud. Today, ViewPoint is expanding and diversifying into new horizons with great projects in collaboration with INRAE and the development of a new tool to assess the impact of micropollutants on water quality. We are facing new challenges and I’m glad to see how everyone is always so motivated. Happy Birthday ViewPoint! And again, congratulations to all of you for all these achievements.