Inter-Individual and Inter-Strain Variations in Zebrafish Locomotor Ontogeny

Published: 08-09-2016 In Publication

Tags: Fast Data Monitor


Zebrafish exhibit remarkable alterations in behaviour and morphology as they develop from early larval stages to mature adults. In this study we compare the locomotion parameters of six common zebrafish strains from two different laboratories to determine the stability and repeatability of these behaviours. Our results demonstrate large variability in locomotion and fast swim events between strains and between laboratories across time. These data highlight the necessity for careful, strain-specific controls when analysing locomotor phenotypes and open up the possibility of standardising [...]

Merlin Lange, Frederic Neuzeret, Benoit Fabreges, Cynthia Froc, Sebastien Bedu, Laure Bally-Cuif , William H. J. Norton

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