Publications related to Daphnia syndrome using zebrafish

Published: 11-29-2021 In Publication


Related Publications using Zebralab


Acute Adverse Effects of Metallic Nanomaterials on Cardiac and Behavioral Changes in Daphnia Magna

Jihoon Park, Chang Gyun Park, Baeckkyoung Sung, Yong Oh Lee, Chang Seon Ryu, Ja Young Park, Young Jun Kim

Research Square- 2021, February DOI : 10.21203/rs-208731/v1



A New Multi-cell Exposure System for Continuous Tracking of Daphnia Behavior for Toxicity Assessments

Julie Chevalier, Matthias Grote, Merlin Keller, Pascal Pandard and Jerome Cachot.

Research Gate – 2014, January

Multi-parametric analysis of ciprofloxacin toxicity at ecologically relevant levels: short- and long-term effects on Daphnia magna

Ricardo Dion´ısio, David Daniel, Gilberto Dias de Alkimin, Bruno Nunes

Science Directe – 2019, October    DOI : 10.1016/j.etap.2019.103295


Phytoremediation processes of domestic and textile effluents: evaluation of the efficacy and toxicological effects in Lemna minor and Daphnia magna

Gilberto Dias de Alkimin, Cintia Paisio, Elizabeth Agostini, Bruno Nunes.

Springer Link – 2019 December