Quantitativ Optomotor response (OMR)

Optomotor response (OMR) is a reflex used to assess visual function. To evoke OMR, a mouse watches a striped pattern rotating within a cylinder. Stimulus-correlated head movements are quantified to determine visual thresholds.

The PhenoSys qOMR (quantitative OMR) is a unique system that automatically measures OMR with minimal experimenter effort. It uses a virtual stimulation sphere that continuously aligns with the animal´s head position. Based on real-time head tracking, quantitative OMR measurements run fully automatically and objectively.

This is a PhenoSys Collaboration product that is brought to market together with its developer, Dr. Friedrich Kretschmer.

  • Simple, robust, and non-invasive test to examine vision in rodents
  • Fully automated measurement and analysis: no manual positioning of the stimulus, no specially trained experimenter required, time and cost effective, and unbiased
  • As a reflex, OMR measurements do not require animal training
  • Freely behaving animals, no surgery, no fixation
  • Flexible, user-friendly experimental design and data handling.