Radial arm maze

Radial is available with 8 or 12 arms

The radial arm maze is  used to measure spatial learning and memory in rodents.

Two types of memory are assessed during the performance in this task:

  • Reference memory when the rodents visit the arms of the maze which contains a pellet reward,
  • Working memory when rodents enter each arm a single time.

Viewpoint  provide VideoTrack system with protocole base on this two memory.

We can also supply you a pellets dispenser for rats and mice with manual reward thanks to the software or automatics reward following your protocole.

Viewpoint provide Radial arm maze available for mice or rats.

Easy to clean up with removable legs, removable corridor. Of course the maérial used is translucent to the infra red light to get the best detection of your rodents .

Radial 8 arm