Shuttle Box

Shuttle Box Zebrafish

Experimental device supply allowing to test active avoidance on Zebrafish, with visual, sound and electric stimuli.

Dimensions of the tank :

Length = 30 cm

Height = 15 cm

Width = 18 cm

  • Each tank will have 2 compartments of 15 cm length separated by a removable wall equipped with a mouth of a shape and dimensions to define before manufacturing.
  • Visual and electric stimuli will be controlled by the ZebraLab software.
  • The 2 compartments will be equipped with stainless steel plates placed at the bottom and at the surface enabling the electric chocks to be delivered.

The complete test device will be composed of :

  • a tank as described above,
  • an individual rack resistant to the chock generator,
  • a voltage-controllable generator for the electric stimuli,
  • an independent visual stimuli system for each compartment.