Gait Analysis - catwalk system for rodents

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points icon Automated Gait Analysis for Rodents Based on the Catwalk Method.

This turnkey system evaluates the impact of locomotion defects that can arise due to a variety of reasons such as, for example, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries, arthritis, ataxia, and traumatic brain injuries. By taking into account more than 20 parameters, not only does the system reduce your time spent analyzing, but it also provides more advanced and precise results than what is achieved by manual scoring.

Customer Testimonial: GaitLab, gait analysis for rodents based on the Catwalk method
Customer Testimonial: GaitLab, gait analysis for rodents based on the Catwalk method

GaitLab bundle hardware and software

The camera starts recording as soon as the experiment starts, when the rodent is placed on the walkway. Each footprint is automatically analyzed and classified by the software, and you will be provided with a comprehensive graphical comparison between different groups of animals as soon as a significant amount of rodents has been through the system.

Spreadsheet results exist for both static and dynamic parameters.

Each one of your rodent’s paws is automatically categorized and illuminated. The different endpoints assessed are diverse: animal speed, footprint area, paw area, mean intensity, number of contact areas, etc. They can be chosen depending on your field of interest.

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Motivation Box

The GaitLab device was designed to motivate rodents in a non-intrusive manner to often cross from the runway to the shelter. The ‘goal box’ included provides rodents with food pellets, encouraging them to approch it. The type of motivation results in better outputs.

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Total Control

GaitLab allows you to be fully in control of every parameter before, during and after any experiment. Know everything about the conditions of the experiment beforehand thanks to the automated runway cleanliness status and trial validation. All the conditions can be controlled and repeated.

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A sofwtare tailored to your needs

By choosing to associate the GaitLab hardware to its software, information will be extracted from a large range of parameters. Some of them are illustrated in the image below.

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Quantitative gait analysis system for rodents

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Gait Analysis
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Gait Analysis
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