Measure heart beat and blood flow in zebrafish

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MicroZebraLab has been the reference tool since 2008 to investigate live and in a non-invasive way a scope of zebrafish larvae physiological parameters. It measures the heartbeat and blood flow.

Zebralab - Blood flow
Zebralab - Blood flow

Zebrafish automatic measurement of cardiovascular features

Cardiovascular parameters are important to many studies, particularly when studying the effects of compounds or drug targets during the pre-clinical phase. Having access to cardiovascular data enriches your dataset. The MicroZebraLab software enables the automation of this task and various experiments involving the movement of organs.

It can also measure the blood flow of zebrafish larvae. In a few steps start by defining the type of blood vessels (arteries, veins, capillaries) you wish to analyze and get instant results. This avoids the hand scoring or use of time conming methods. By placing your fish under the microscope, you are able to acquire several physiological data on blood flow

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Easily extract results

Saving time for your research is essential. In this sense data MicroZebraLab was developed so you could zoom up into greater detail and easily extract your data in an excel file. Here fluorescence or other markers are no longer needed to extract your cardiovascular outputs.

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Accurate software

The heartbeat and blood flow are measured thanks to a dedicated algorithm in order to measure with high precision such activity and not only on “pixel change activity”.

Intuitive software

The very easy protocol creation allows you to automatically detect any blood vessels: arterioles, capillaries, veins.

Batch analysis

Launch several video acquisitions of your cohort and analyze the data in batch for time optimization.

Turnkey application

Using your own trinocular microscope, we’ll provide a solution including the high speed and high definition camera to get the best results for your research.


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