Topographical memory behavior analysis in rodents

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points icon Complex enriched environment to assess topographic memory in mice

A learning task analyzing animals’ ability to familiarize themselves with a complex environment and decidedly adopting an anthropomorphic approach. The Hamlet Test apparatus mimics a small village, comprising a central agora and streets leading to functionalized houses. Animals can be trained in the hamlet for days or weeks in groups, and their ability to orientate can be tested individually after short or long periods, in normal or pathological conditions.

Introduce new paradigms

  • Play with novo maze

  • Run into activity wheel (distance travelled, speed)

  • Interact with a congener

  • Drink (liquid consumption- ml/animal)

  • Eat (food consumption - g/animal)

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Hamlet Test in dark conditions

The tracking system can be used in dark conditions thanks to the IR Floor. 

The infrared LED illuminated floor with a 200 cm2 working surface, is specifically designed to run the Hamlet Test.

It allows a precise detection of the subject under the camera and enables users to work with all different animal colors and in any light conditions.

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Brochure HamLet Test

A learning task analysing animals’ ability

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