Aggression monitoring tool on juvenile zebrafish

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points icon Detect and measure the level of aggression in fish

The Aggression Box is an observation system that monitors the level of aggression of juvenile zebrafish. Each cubical is equipped with our state-of-the-art video tracking technology that can detect when the fish looks at its reflection and starts to act aggressively.

Assess the level of aggression of juvenile zebrafish

Thanks to the Zebra Aggression Box you can assess aggressive behaviors of juvenile zebrafish.

  • Controllable values

  • Detect alterations to aggression levels produced by drug treatments or mutation

  • Powerful screening technology 

  • Scalable system

  • Validated software - Comparison to manual quantification

bg_support points icon Assess the level of aggression of juvenile zebrafish

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Scalable system

The ability to monitor an unlimited number of fish allows you to speed up your test. Indeed, you can work with as many cabinets as you want, all of them connected to the same system.

Targeted applications

The automatic quantification can detect alterations to aggression levels caused by drug treatment or mutation.


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