Home cage activity for rodents- behavior monitoring

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PhenoRack is a high throughput system able to monitor home cage activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In just a few steps, you start monitoring the behavior of your animals in racks.

Plug and play

In a few steps start monitoring the behavior of your animals in a stress-less environment.

Place your already existing Home Cages, PhenoRack analyses Behaviors and movements of the animal continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for an unlimited number of boxes.

Generated data is summarized in a comprehensive and graphical interface. This enables to sort automatically animals with specific Phenotype

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Monitor up to 32 animals in their Home cage simultaneously on racks

PhenoRack is using a new technology enabling to monitor the subjects locomotion and behaviors. It analyzes automatically various items:

  • Locomotion : Distance traveled, speeds & duration of movements,

  • Behaviors : Rearing, drinking, eating,

  • Freezing & burst movements,

  • Video tagged with behaviors,

  • All included dimensions : 52 x 56 x 27 (width x depth x height in centimeters).

bg_support points icon Monitor up to 32 animals in their Home cage simultaneously on racks

An active memory

For each experiment PhenoRack stores the automated scoring and calculated results, the raw data, images, and videos.

You are able to replay the experiment without animals and get a new set of data based on a new setting. PhenoRack analyses from live in real time any number of animals.

High resolution and filters make it possible to adapt to the most demanding laboratory environments.

Our software is developed according to Good Laboratory Practice: data security and reliability are maximized.

Results can be easily transferred to your spreadsheet or statistical software.

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Easy maintenance

PhenoRack is a complete Turnkey solution including hardware and software. The system is made of autonomous apparatus that may be easily removed for cleaning or maintenance.

Precise behavior

Score behaviors: rearing, hanging, resting, food intake and many others.

Experiment 24/7

Record and analyze global activity and locomotion non-stop 24/7.


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Brochure PhenoRack

High throughput monitoring of rodents in home cage.

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