Always at the forefront of innovation, ViewPoint has now pushed technology even further. Some new developments in the ViewPoint story have allowed the company to provide even more breakthroughs in animal behaviour tracking and analysis. And the most exciting news concerns the huge growth of the business.

Since 1990, ViewPoint has been heavily focused on making our products cutting edge. We were the very first company to develop and provide fully automated tracking of rodent behaviour through our groundbreaking products. The automation of behavior tracking meant that there was the removal of human error, a factor so crucial to the development of better science in the field.

But we didn’t stop there.


A company that is always seeking to improve and expand, ViewPoint has brought massive advances to large-scale observations. True automation has meant research has been facilitated at a vastly improved rate, with huge throughput and even multiple behavior observations occuring at the same time. We’re proud to be at the forefront of such research. Our aim has always been to make behavior observation easier and more efficient. And we’ve been successful in the pursuit of that aim since 1990.

Relocation and growth

In 2017 we relocated from Lissieu (to the north of Lyon) to Civrieux. Before we relocated we had an office of 230 sq. ft. and after relocation we now have a total space of 600 sq. ft. This means more space to innovate,as well as 200 sq. ft. of product warehousing. In short, ViewPoint now has even more space in which to work, and to develop new and more useful products.

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