The 12th European Zebrafish Meeting, to be held in Krakow from 9 to 13 July, will be an opportunity to bring together the zebrafish research community.

It will also be an opportunity for you to discuss your work and your progress.

The ViewPoint Behavior Technology team will be delighted to meet you at the 12th European zebrafish trade fair on stand E05.

Our mission is to build tools that match your behavioral research. Whether you’re working on behavioral auditory system, ecotoxicology, compound screening, visual acuity assessment, learning and memory, social behavior and much more, ... our team delivers tailored solutions to fit your needs of zebrafish behavioral research.

We wish to take this opportunity to introduce you to our new developments in zebrafish behavior analysis. 

Either hardware add-ons to your existing system (ZebraBox, ZebraCube, ZebraLab etc ...) or new software features, we will be glad to make you a demo during the meeting.

ZebraLab : this high throughput monitoring of fishes software can analyze very small subjects such as embryos or bigger such as larvae or adult fish (zebrafish, medaka, danionella etc ...).   It is suitable for research in drug development, safety pharmacology such as cytotoxicity, behavioral genetics, learning and memory, circadian rhythmicity and other. It can be used for very high-throughout behavioral applications scoring of locomotion, activity, responses to stimulation or conditions and specific behavior.

The applications are various :  Animal behavior analysis • Safety Pharmacology • Toxicology and Eco-Toxicology • Drug Screening and Drug Development • Behavioral Genetics • Seizures • Circadian rhythmicity • Light response and Vision tests • Escape response C-Stat, S-start • Muscle disorder/ Muscle recovery • Ethology • And many other applications …

Thanks to various extensions, you can assess social contact, rotation and path angles, Live 3 D tracking of zebrafish, shoaling, group screening, detection of morphology, automatic sizing etc ...

ZebraBox :  The first ever observation chamber designed for zebrafish behavior analysis dedicated to zebrafish embryos and larvaes research.

The ZebraBox is a component of ZebraLab and allows the automated observation and tracking of larval zebrafish, and zebrafish embryos. For embryos an higher resolution camera is provided. The ZebraBox is capable of analyzing zebrafish larvae in multi-well plates, up to 96 individuals simultaneously. ZebraBox can revolutionize your research thanks to its scalability: connect up to 4 ZebraBox to one computer running the ZebraLab software.

Enhance your research on zebrafish thanks to various add -ons : temperature control, controllable vibration and sound, isolated chamber for ZebraBox, shocker, PhotoMotor Response (PMR), Optogenetic top light, Opto Motor Response (OMR), color place preference, operant conditioning, PPI, high speed camera etc ...

ZebraCube  : Enclosure to monitor and score adult zebrafish behavior under controlled conditions. 

Come and meet Antoine Barbot and Frédéric Neuzeret on booth E05 during the 12th European Zebrafish Meeting to learn more on all the features that could help you in your behavioral research.




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